Notes   /   15 January 2019

College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee Minutes
10:00 am Tuesday, January 15, 2019
HCC 310

Present: Zach Whalen, Grant Woodwell, Dianne Baker, Summer Durrant, Shumona Dasgupta, Jennifer Hansen-Glucklich, Brian Rizzo, Eric Gable. Arriving late: Brian Ogle, Angela Sawyer

I. Announcements

Angela Sawyer is new ex officio on this committee, joining Brian Ogle in representing the Registrar's office (replacing Susanne Tomillon).

We plan to hold no more meetings this Spring, but if any special majors come in, we can discuss and vote via email.

II. Program changes and associated proposals

  • Biology

    • New major concentration: Conservation Biology (resubmitted)
      • Adds a track for students interested in public or private-sector careers in fields such as endangered species protection and recovery, habitat conservation, conservation biology education, and fisheries and wildlife management.
      • Approved.
  • Communication and Digital Studies

    • Change major
      • Changes the lower-level Communication from letting students take two of three options to instead just take the two courses, COMM 205 and COMM 206.
      • The proposals is missing implementation date, which should be Fall 2019.
      • Approved.
  • Nursing

    • HSCI 210: new course (resubmitted)

      • This course adds a more advanced study of pathophysiology, buiding upon the knowledge learned in the previous study of human anatomy and physiology.
      • The committee has some concerns about teaching this course online, and there's the question about whether it is to be required or an elective in the major. The course proposal and change to the major appear to disagree on this point.
      • Not Approved.
    • 1+2+1 program change

      • This changes the major to include HSCI 210, but lists it among the electives instead of the required courses.
      • Not Approved.
  • Philosophy

    • Change Major
      • The change in the program reflects the change of PHIL 344 Critical Theory from a special topics course to a regular offering, adding it to the Continental Philosophy set.
      • Approved.
  • Spanish

    • Change Business Spanish minor
      • Add Spanish 321 (Culture of Service and Social Action in the Hispanic World) and Spanish 371 (Caribbean Culture and Literature) to the list of approved courses as options to fulfill the culture requirement for the Business Spanish Minor.
      • Approved.

III New courses/ change credits

  • ECON 428: new course

    • Adds a new course, "Economics of Multinational Corporations", previously taught as a special topic (ECON 488W and ECON 488S).
    • Approved.
  • Geography

    • MGSGA 555: new course (resubmitted)

      • This course, "Programming for GIS," focuses on addressing geospatial problems through programming in Python.
      • Grading rubric and requirements now differentiated for graduate and undergraduate students.
      • Approved.
    • MGSGA 591: change credits

      • This changes the Independent Study in MSGA to carry variable credit, 1 - 4 hours.
      • Mainly, this creates flexibility in the thesis planning and advising process, which also helps students who need to maintain a specific number of credits in order to receive VA benefits.
      • Approved.

IV. Expedited

  • GISC 200: change description

    • Approved.
  • GEOG 340: change description

    • Approved.
  • GEOG 351: change title + description

    • Approved.
  • GISC 351: change title + description

    • Approved.
  • GISC 440: change description

    • Approved.
  • GISC 450: change description

    • Approved.
  • GISC 482: change description

    • Approved.
  • MGSGA 510: change description

    • Approved.
  • MGSGA 520: change description

    • Approved.
  • MGSGA 540: change description

    • Approved.
  • MGSGA 550: change description

    • Approved.
  • MGSGA 570: change description

    • Approved.
  • MGSGA 580: change description

    • Approved.

V. Special majors

Two special majors were considered: one new special major proposal was not approved, and a revision to a previous approved special major is approved.